This new blog/site will attempt to catalogue and represent my writings on Indian Cinema. Posts will include reviews, essays, video essays and editorials on Indian Cinema ranging from mainstream Hindi cinema to regional output. My main intention is to engage, appreciate and highlight in particular non-Bollywood cinema, offering a platform to films which can sometimes be marginalised or be pushed to the fringes, films that usually have something quite original or iconoclastic to say about India, history, politics, gender and cinema itself.

I have been blogging and writing about Indian cinema for over seven years now and intend to re-post much of the longer pieces from my old blogging site which will continue to remain active. I also have written a book on Indian Cinema and intend to post materials linked to specific chapters on the book and as a means of expanding case studies to bring the content in line with current trends in Indian Cinema. I have decided to name the blog/site after the seminal TV series on Indian Cinema directed by Nasreen Munni Kabir in the 1980s which first introduced me formally to the joys of Indian Cinema and especially Bollywood.

Omar Ahmed

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