My first book on Indian Cinema is finally here! I’ve been banging on about this book for ages, and a lot of the work that is in the book is derived from the writings on my first film blog which I set up in 2007 titled ‘Ellipsis: The Accents of Cinema’. Covering 14 chapters, the book surveys Indian Cinema from a personal perspective, offering detailed close analysis of 14 key films ranging from the past to the present. Having seen the book now in its finished form, I wish I had been able to include a final chapter on the emergence of independent Indian cinema aka ‘Hindie’ cinema since this seems to be an area in which Indian Cinema is flourishing. One can’t imagine a contemporary book on Indian cinema without discussing the significance of Anurag Kashyap. A lot of the ideas in the book were triggered and developed further through the cinephile exchanges on social media but more pertinently from film blog and the many comments left by readers. I am hopeful the publication of this book will open a few more doors for me now so I can publish a few more things which I have developing over the past few years, most of them revolving around Indian Cinema. Thank you to all those who have encouraged, supported and inspired me over the years to continue writing the book. By the way, I’ve already spotted a few typos! Yikes, this is for real, its out there!

‘Studying Indian Cinema’, published by Auteur, is available to buy now.





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