Category: Documentary

PLACEBO (Dir. Abhay Kumar, 2014, India)

Abhay Kumar’s feature length directorial debut Placebo, a fiercely inventive documentary, had its world premiere last month at the IDFA in Amsterdam. What makes the project especially significant from a funding point of view is the director raised much of the financing through ‘crowd funding’. A trailer released in February 2013 helped to attract attention […]

PRABHAT PHERI / JOURNEY WITH PRABHAT (Dir. Jessica Sadana, Samarth Dixit, India, 2014)

Rajadhyaksha & Willemen’s entry for the Prabhat Film Company says the following: ‘It had the largest stage floor in India and an art department under Fattelal regarded as the country’s finest. Like New Theatres, Prabhat had many stars on the payroll, well equipped sound and editing departments and its own laboratory…Prabhat pioneered new popular forms […]

PUTTY HILL (Dir. Matthew Porterfield, 2010, US)

If Putty Hill is part of the Mumblecore movement then director Matthew Porterfield’s style is altogether more distinct, unique and neo realist. In many ways, Porterfield’s unfiltered and largely observational approach bears more resemblance to the films of Ramin Bahrani and Kelly Reichardt than Mumblecore regulars like Aaron Katz. Although Putty Hill is Porterfield’s second […]