JOGAN (Dir. Kidar Sharma, 1950, India)

Director Kidar Sharma is a name I stumbled upon repeatedly during my research and his 1950 Hindi film Jogan is one of his most popular works. Sharma is yet another key figure in the evolution of classical Hindi cinema and his output in the 1940s and 1950s offers some distinguished melodramas. What makes Jogan an… Continue reading JOGAN (Dir. Kidar Sharma, 1950, India)

MASHAAL / THE TORCH (Dir. Yash Chopra, 1984, India) – Ashes to Ashes

The death of Yash Chopra led to a surge of online film canonizing that seemingly celebrated his populist work at the expense of creative flourishes such as Mashaal and it is a film that is often overlooked in his oeuvre. I’m not entirely sure or convinced if Mashaal has been completely reclaimed from the past.… Continue reading MASHAAL / THE TORCH (Dir. Yash Chopra, 1984, India) – Ashes to Ashes