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parallel cinema : an introduction

With a low budget, no stars and the absence of any songs, Ankur (1973) truly was an unconventional Indian film. Benegal’s social critique even bypassed the newly established FFC for funding, finding an unlikely partner in Blaze, an advertising company with which the director had close ties. With direct access to cinema exhibition across India, […]

navketan films: chetan, vijay and dev anand

NEECHA NAGAR / Lowly City (Dir. Chetan Anand, 1946, India) TAXI DRIVER (Dir. Chetan Anand, 1954, India) Trapped amongst the ideological sincerities of Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt was Dev Anand – the suave, sardonic and gentlest of screen heroes who came closest to perfecting the charismatic yet unpredictable persona of Hollywood noir […]


This new blog/site will attempt to catalogue and represent my writings on Indian Cinema. Posts will include reviews, essays, video essays and editorials on Indian Cinema ranging from mainstream Hindi cinema to regional output. My main intention is to engage, appreciate and highlight in particular non-Bollywood cinema, offering a platform to films which can sometimes […]

citizen khan

‘They all know me’: Re-imagining the British Muslim in Citizen Khan Introduction: ‘Number One – Citizen Khan’ Citizen Khan has been hyped as the first British Asian sitcom and was broadcast on 27 August at 10.20pm on BBC One. The first episode drew an audience of 3.41 million viewers. The critical response was polarised with […]