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GHASHIRAM KOTWAL (Dir. K. Hariharan, Mani Kaul, Kamal Swaroop, Saeed Mirza, 1976, India) – Experiments in Time & Space

Watching Ghashiram Kotwal is equivalent to a punch in the face, cinematically speaking of course, since here is a film, a belligerent work in terms of parallel cinema, antithetical to Indian Cinema. It was a film all but forgotten, salvaged from the Berlin film archive, and restored. Yet again preservation intervened in the historiography of […]

The Films of Mani Kaul: USKI ROTI (A Day’s Bread, 1970) – ‘The film is about waiting; it is deliberately slow.’

The opening shots of Uski Roti: the outstretched hand – a Bressonian idiom. ‘The environment of my kind of cinema, which is not experimental because I’ve always known what I’m doing and what the result will be, does not exist.’ ‘I am opposed to story-telling’ Mani Kaul in conversation with Sameer Shah The Sunday Observer, […]