Category: American Independent Cinema

BERNIE (Dir. Richard Linklater, 2011, US) – Mr. Nice Guy [Spoilers Ahead]

Jack Black as Bernie Tiede. Its amazing what a moustache can do for an actor. Comic actor Jack Black has such a moustache in the latest film from director Richard Linklater. The moustache in question makes mortician Bernie Tiede appear deceptively ordinary; it also transforms Jack Black the comedian into a serious actor. Nonetheless, the […]

PUTTY HILL (Dir. Matthew Porterfield, 2010, US)

If Putty Hill is part of the Mumblecore movement then director Matthew Porterfield’s style is altogether more distinct, unique and neo realist. In many ways, Porterfield’s unfiltered and largely observational approach bears more resemblance to the films of Ramin Bahrani and Kelly Reichardt than Mumblecore regulars like Aaron Katz. Although Putty Hill is Porterfield’s second […]

SLACKISTAN (Dir. Hammad Khan, 2009, Pakistan) – Tales From The City

                  I was somewhat conflicted both emotionally and ideologically whilst watching this latest feature film from Pakistan. Such a conflict arouse from my desire to turn away from the lives of Pakistani middle classes many of whom have indirectly helped to sustain such the ruling elite’s indiscriminate […]