Category: Melodrama

MAMMO (Dir. Shyam Benegal, 1994, India)

When Khalid Mohamed, editor of Filmfare and journalist, wrote a piece on his great aunt in the Times of India he had no idea that Benegal would eventually convince Mohamed to write a screenplay based on the idea. This was made altogether unusual since Mohamed was not the greatest fan of Benegal’s cinema. Mammo (1994) […]

THE JERICHO MILE (Dir. Michael Mann, 1979, US) – Out of Time

The latest instalment of the Bourne franchise got me thinking about the dynamics of filming action in American cinema. While the Bourne films have been terribly influential, re-working the action paradigm, Jason Bourne (2016) is a completely unwarranted film other than nourishing capitalist sentiments. Like I said, Bourne got me thinking specifically about Michael Mann’s […]

MOH MAYA MONEY / In Greed We Trust (Dir. Munish Bhardwaj, India, 2016) – Delhi Noir

In the traditional film noir universe the destruction of the male protagonist is manifested in a downward spiral of paranoia, guilt and death. And it becomes a virtual impossibility to attain redemption. No matter what one does to rectify an earlier regret usually leads to certain calamity from which there is no return. Thematically, a […]