PEDDLERS (Dir. Vasan Bala, 2012, India) – City of Ghosts

Vasan Bala’s directorial debut premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 when Indian independent cinema was finally receiving the notice it merited transnationally. No one quite knows what happened to Peddlers in terms of finding distribution in both India and internationally. This remains a mystery yet points to one of the reasons why New… Continue reading PEDDLERS (Dir. Vasan Bala, 2012, India) – City of Ghosts

MONSOON SHOOTOUT (Dir. Amit Kumar, 2013, India) – An Occurrence in Mumbai at Night

Director Amit Kumar says Monsoon Shootout was inspired by An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, an influential short story by writer Ambrose Pierce. The narrative hook is relatively high concept: a rookie Mumbai police inspector's shooting encounter with a vicious criminal relives the impact of the moment in three radically different ways. A more clearer… Continue reading MONSOON SHOOTOUT (Dir. Amit Kumar, 2013, India) – An Occurrence in Mumbai at Night

GHANCHAKKAR / CRAZY (Dir. Rajkumar Gupta, 2013, India)

Director Rajkumar Gupta’s breakthrough came with the underrated Barah Aana in 2009 for which he wrote the screenplay. His directorial debut, Aamir, showed promise with its compact narrative and prescient theme. Aamir was followed by No One Killed Jessica, a UTV production, signalling Gupta’s entry into the mainstream. His latest film, Ghanchakkar (Crazy), sees him… Continue reading GHANCHAKKAR / CRAZY (Dir. Rajkumar Gupta, 2013, India)

AURANGZEB (Dir. Atul Sabharwal, 13, India) – Iconographic Assemblages

Aurangzeb defines its very cinematic existence on the platitudes of old Hindi cinema, refabricating familiar and outlandish tropes with a sensitivity that touches you emotionally. Invoking the double role, the fragile mother figure, the dirty cop(s), a murky political context and a tale of brotherly disharmony finally aspires to 1970s populist Hindi cinema which other… Continue reading AURANGZEB (Dir. Atul Sabharwal, 13, India) – Iconographic Assemblages